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About UniCredit Consumer Financing


“UniCredit Consumer Financing Bulgaria is perfectly positioned among the top on the market of consumer financing in Bulgaria. As a part of one of the largest European financial groups, we are able to support the Bulgarian households during the crisis. ", says Mr. Guegan, CEO of UniCredit Consumer Financing.


With assets of 210 million and over 400 employees, UniCredit Consumer Financing is among the top of the non-banking financial institutions in Bulgaria. The company founded in 2006, has over 305,000 customers and provided funding to the amount of 625 million leva until now.




UniCredit Consumer Financing activity is in two main business lines – Point of Sales (POS) financing and Personal Loans in leva.

The clients of the company can apply for POS financing in a network of over 3000 retail stores with UniCredit Consumer Financing logo. Among our dealers are the top retailers in Bulgaria. UniCredit Consumer Financing can finance purchase of white and brown products, PC, air-conditioning, automotive, furniture, construction materials, sanitary equipment and many others.


UniCredit Bulbank is the main partner of UniCredit Consumer Financing in the country. By agreement between the two companies all consumer loans in leva are provided by UniCredit Consumer Financing trough the branch network of the bank or UCF and its partners. “The advantages of this model are that it allows up to improve significantly the quality of service to our customers by reducing the time between submission of documents for credit approval and credit utilization, reduce bureaucracy and paperwork, improve credit risk management and cost of borrowed resources”, said Andrea Cassini, COO of UniCredit Bulbank.




The company’s striving is to stands beside its Customers to make informed financing decisions, to offers the right product in the most transparent and clear manner possible. UniCredit Consumer Financing builds its reputation on the base of trust, responsibility and quality of work. The corporate policy is oriented to creating a consumer financing form new generation through high quality of the service and innovative decisions.